Recent Work: Part 1

I have been meaning to post some little projects I've done these last few months. I'm so far behind on that that I now have enough to post it as a short series; so here's part one.
The program: book storage (high-parent's, low-children's), object display, and workspace for Noah. Atop of that was my desire to play around more with metal rods that I had begun working with in my Interior Architecture thesis project.  So I got some off-the-shelf brackets that I painted to match the wall, two depths of poplar and a block of aspen that I finished with linseed oil, and metal rods I bent into two different types of bookends.

Noah has definitely made good use of his desk. It is so sweet to see him sitting at his chair concentrating on his own art.


Family Pictures

A couple of weeks ago we had our first ever professional family pictures taken by the lovely Little Acorn Photography. You can go here to view the pictures. I am so happy with how they turned out. It's going to be difficult deciding which ones to order...I want them all!
I am so happy we decided to have these pictures taken. They did such a great job of documenting us as a family. I will cherish these pictures forever!

By the way, if anyone needs pictures taken you should definitely check them out. They are very reasonable, but more importantly they do a fantastic job!


Stockings Made With Love

This year we decided to make stockings for Noah and Olive. Since this is Olive's first Christmas she didn't yet have a stocking, and Noah, up until now, has had a miniature stocking. So, we thought it would be a special thing for them to have stockings handmade by their mom and dad. Hopefully something they'll cherish as they get older.
Noah's is made with a grey herringbone-type material on the outside and a fun Christmas-y plaid on the inside that folds over the top. We liked the fabric combination because it is masculine and something that will grow with him. Olive's is made with linen for the outside and a fun red and white gingham on the inside. We also did a cute applique on hers with a mustard felt. Nick designed the pattern of leaves and berries for the applique and I stitched the branches with grey thread. Her's too will be one that can grow with her. I'm thinking about hand-stitching their names somewhere on the stockings. I just haven't figured out where yet.