Recent Work: Part 3

I've completed a prototype for a new mobile.  I am pretty satisfied with it but still unsure if I want to offer it on the shop or not.  The main issue is the metal wire.  The mobile I currently offer is light enough that floral wire does the trick, but for this one I had to resort to piano wire... which is pretty difficult to bend into a smooth curve.  I finally made a jig out of a washer and random metal fastener I found in my toolbox to keep the loops consistent.

The main objective with this little experiment was to balance objects of equal size in a dynamic and seemingly precarious composition in space.  It would definitely be more successful with more pieces, consequently with more chances for long cantilevers.  Maybe sometime I'll get around to expanding on it.


Olive's First Birthday

Our baby girl turned one a couple of weeks ago! We had a fun, quaint little party for her here at our place. We are so thankful for her sweet little life.

Nick made the invites and party hats, I sewed the bib, and my grandmother knitted Olive's top. The awesome mini strawberry cupcakes were made by a very sweet and talented friend, Ashley.


Recent Work: Part 2

A while back, Brooke put together a wedding shower at our place for a couple friends of ours... so I had fun with the invites. Pretty simple; I mainly played with mixing typically formal typefaces in a playful way that would match this fun yet tasteful couple... and then, of course, I threw in some ring-bling for Mallory.

At one point during their wedding reception, Brooke came to me panicking because she couldn't find Noah. We found him in a room, workin' it in front of the camera with the bride and groom... typical: