Noah's sketch

This is what happened when I let Noah scribble in Autocad... kinda pretty.  Actually, a lot cooler than what I would have done.


Splish Splash

Yesterday evening we wanted to have some *free* family fun so we headed down to our riverfront splash pad park and had ourselves a great time! I feel like we're one of the few who take advantage of this fabulous play place, or at least we're some of the only ones who take advantage of it in the evening hours. Really though, that is the best time to go. It's the perfect temperature, and you don't have to worry about sunburn! Sometimes we just go down there to let the kids play in the water, but last night we brought our swim suits too! There's nothing like feeling like a kid while you're playing with your own kids...especially when there's water involved! The evening was complete with the riverboat cruising off into the sunset...


New product: Helvetica b-day hats

New in the shop: Helvetica birthday hats.  I actually worked up these patterns about 6 months ago, but never got around to making a few sets for pictures.  It's about time we added something new to the shop.

Helvetica characters have such beautiful geometry when you really zoom in.  They made a pleasant building block for these simple tessellations.  The shapes enclosed by the "1"s actually become figures on the ground of white until you realize the numerals.