Mad Skills

I just had to share this. The boy's got some sweet moves. It must be all those superheros he's so interested in. I love how serious he is about it too. It makes me smile. Check out the post below about his fourth birhtday!

Four Years Old

Our little boy turned four almost a month ago! We had a little Star Wars birthday party for him at the riverfront splash pad with family and a few of his closest buddies. I think the highlight of the party for the kids was the pool noodle lightsabers and the "Yoda Soda"! It was a fun time. We celebrated on the day of his birthday with birthday waffles, dragonboat races on the river, Chuck E Cheese for lunch, and yummy chocolate cupcakes in the afternoon!

We are truly thankful for his life, and are so blessed to be called by God to be his parents!