Who, Me?

We are extremely honored and flattered and flabbergasted to be included in babble's 50 Best Etsy Baby Shops! We are at #9 with Best Bedding! Wow! I never dreamed that our business would come this far! Can I just take a moment to tell you all how our little business began? Back in the spring of '07 when I was pregnant with Noah we were searching for baby bedding for his crib. We came across some we liked, but they had a hefty price tag. So Nick had the idea that we could make it- as in, sew it. We didn't own a sewing machine and the only experience I had was from 7th grade home economics. Initially I thought there was no way we could do this, but Nick convinced me to buy a sewing machine, we found some fabric we liked (which, by the way, was from a quilted blanket and a bed sheet), and we gave it a go. Now, 4 years later we have a successful etsy shop that has made it to over 700 sales! God is truly gracious to us. This business has been such a blessing. It is what helped us get Nick through school and now serves as a little extra income. We have shipped our items all over the world! I get chills thinking that there are people in Australia, China, New Zealand, Canada, England, and many other countries that are using things that we made with our very own hands. Kinda cool, I think.


Animals, Art, and Amazing Music

The fantastic spring-like weather was a sign that we should take a break from our usual drudgery to spend some quality family time at the zoo.  We spent the morning admiring the diversity of creation.  After eating our sack lunches by the chimpanzees, we played on the playground and finally enjoyed a relaxing train ride.  Luckily, all of this expended enough of the kid's energy that we could work on Etsy orders back home while they napped.
Bookending the day was an art party in a grand antebellum home out in Coosada, AL -- who would have thought? (Thanks again Henson's for bringing us along!)

On display was work from local artists surrounded by a crowd of interesting people.  Luckily, there was also land and other children for Noah to play with while we hung out... he even got a hold of a light saber.  Then there was the music, which was well worth the wait.  Spirits of the Red City, composed of bass, cello, banjo, guitar, accordion, percussion, and fantastic vocal harmonies, were phenomenal.  It was a treat to watch them live.  Their slightly creepy marionette show was just icing on the cake: