Installation for "Denied and Underexposed"

I have been hoping to do a large-scale installation for a long time. I finally found the opportunity with the Denied and Underexposed Art Show that happened Friday night in the Kress building downtown.
The Kress is basically one giant room that stretches all the way through its city block from the famous Dexter Ave to Monroe Street. Because of this, I decided to create a ceiling plane that would offer a sense of intimacy and enclosure that could not be found elsewhere in the space. My first decision was materiality. I quickly picked card stock paper mainly because that's all I could afford but also for its potential to reflect and diffuse light. One intention for the installation was for it to create juxtaposition between itself and the space. Against the Kress' strict structural rhythm and derelict finishes would be the prestine-ness of white paper arranged in an expressive, organic form. I experimented with card stock sheets using cuts and folds to create a module with shape, structure, and opening.

I decided on a pattern that creates a smooth curvature, a defined crease, and a system of notching to hold the pieces together. I created four iterations of the module pattern that vary in the degree of curvature and consequently scale of opening. I used 390 of these paper modules to create a 14'X16' surface.

I took on a little more than I should have, which I have a tendency to do, and spent every spare moment of this last week trying to finish the piece. Thanks to a couple nights of less than 3 hours of sleep, some vacation hours from work, and the help of my friends Mike and Scott, I actually finished in time. The show was a blast, and I'm already looking to the next opportunity to do another installation.


Peter Pan and the Ballerina

Noah wanted to be Peter Pan again this year. We made him a Peter Pan costume when he was two, and he lived in that costume for a long time! He even wore it to the hospital when Olive was born. We, of course, made him a new one this year. Olive was a ballerina. She is wearing my very first leotard! I searched around a little bit for a tutu, but they were all kind of expensive, so I made her a very simple one for less than five dollars! We went to a couple of fall festivals that they got to wear their costumes to, and they played some games and got some candy! It was so cute to watch Peter Pan's face light up when he would get some candy and to watch the little Ballerina dance around in her tutu!