Life as a Family of Four

Where to begin? It’s wonderful, exciting, joyful, scary, busy, exhausting, happy, amazing. We are truly blessed. As my mind tries to peer through the fog of the last few weeks and realize what just happened, I’m overtaken by the sweet moments we’ve had together as a family of four.
The first is when Noah came wide-eyed (even though it was almost 11 at night and he’d been sleeping) into the delivery room just half an hour after Olive was born. He was so excited to meet his baby sister. He climbed up onto the bed with me and couldn’t take his eyes off her (that is, until he spotted the nurse’s latex gloves and just had to have some)!
The second is when we came home from the hospital. We all rode home together in our little car. Noah was being so sweet, and Olive slept the whole way home. Then, we walked up the steps and into our “humble home on wheels” just the 4 of us.  Noah was so excited to show Olive his room and his toys. It was special.
We’ve had some rough moments too- Noah had so much attention from grandparents the first 2 weeks that when they all left he apparently forgot everything we taught him the last 2 and a half years. But, now that we’ve had some time to adjust he’s done really well. He’s been really sweet to Olive the whole time though- and protective of her. When other people hold her he usually gives a scowl and says, “That’s my baby sister” in a gruff voice. It’s kind of sweet, actually.
The last few weeks have been sort of a blur, but I’ll never forget the very true words that someone once told me, “It’s amazing how your love can grow.”

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