Diaper Duty

We all know that changing diapers is part of having babies. Here is my big question of the day…Why, oh why don’t men’s bathrooms have changing tables? Granted I’ve never been in a men’s bathroom, but according to Nick there are never changing tables in the men’s bathroom! A thought just dawned on me…maybe he just tells me that so he doesn’t have to change the kids’ diapers when we’re out. No, he wouldn’t do that…I think.
But, seriously, I just don’t understand why. The modern day dad is much more involved with his children than he used to be. Nick does just as much of the child care as I do when he’s home. And, by the way, he is an absolutely wonderful husband and daddy. I hear stories about men who come home from work and plop down in front of the tv while mom continues to take care of the kids (even though that’s what she’s been doing all day) and cooks dinner, cleans, does laundry etc. I don’t know how women who are married to those kind of men make it.
Back to the dilemma. I realize that there are family bathrooms in some places, but they’re not that common. I really don’t mind having to change diapers while I’m out, but I think it would be nice to have the option for dad to change the diaper when we’re out of the house. Oh well. It’ll probably happen when my kids have their kids and I’ll say something like, “They didn’t have those when we were raising you guys and we were just fine.”

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