Practice Makes Perfect

I bought myself a little present at the store the other day...a cupcake decorating kit. It came with four different icing tips and eight disposable icing bags. I don't even know if I'm using the correct terminology, but hey, I'm new at this.
I've been starting to think about what I want to do for Olive's first birthday party. I know it's still more than three months away, but I like to start planning early. I had a lot of fun making Noah's birthday cake, so I decided that I want to make cupcakes for Olive's first birthday. And, I want them to be cute! I gave it a trial run for my ladies' Bible study, and this is how they turned out. Remember, this was my very first attempt!

I know I'm going to have to practice some more, but I guess it's a good excuse to make cupcakes!


  1. brooke...these look great! excellent job! you are so crafty!! :)

  2. They are so cute! I like the flower one!

  3. hey i'm the cupcake lady and i approve! super cute and i love the colors :) you are precious brooke!