Hello December

I welcome this month with open arms! I love that the first day of December is a nice crisp chilly one!  I have to admit that we’ve already had our Christmas decorations up for over a week now. I’m usually not a fan of putting up Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving, but for some reason, this year I was ready. Maybe it’s because I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy and know that with each passing day I’m getting bigger and it’s getting harder to do every day normal activities…
I’m really excited about this Christmas. This will be our first Christmas in our own home here in Auburn! On a side note, I just realized yesterday that it will also be our last Christmas here in Auburn. But, back to the excitement of having our very own Christmas all to ourselves! In the past, we’ve always had to do “our” Christmas early because we’ve split the holidays between our two families, but this year, because I will be only 2 weeks from my due date, we decided it would be best to stay at our own house for Christmas and let the family come to us. I am so excited for Noah to wake up Christmas morning in our own home and get to open his presents!
I’ve already gotten some Christmas cards from some obviously organized friends! Receiving them reminds me that I need to get on that- we’ve done a Christmas card every year since we’ve been married- this will be our 4th Christmas card! We might have to borrow a friend’s camera because our’s broke a couple of weeks ago and we are still awaiting the diagnosis. Getting that fixed might be mine and Nick’s Christmas presents to each other!
I love all of the activities of December too! There’s always so much going on. There are 2 Christmas parades this week…I’m not sure if we’ll make it to both, but we’ll at least get to go to one of them. Next week is our Ladies’ Holiday Tea at church which is always a lot of fun! Not to mention a few Christmas parties and other community holiday activities.
I just popped a couple of snowman marshmallows into my mouth after Noah said, “I want some marshmawows, Mommy” which reminds me that another thing I love about this season is hot chocolate! I’ve got to find me some hazelnut hot chocolate- a friend of mine had some last year and it was absolutely amazing!

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