And the Winner Is…

Montgomery, Alabama!
The Henninger family is packing up and moving to the state capital. Nick just accepted a job offer from Seay, Seay, and Litchfield, an architecture firm that he interned with a couple of summers ago. We really feel like it’s where God is leading us at this time in our life. Nick is thinking pretty seriously about grad school in a couple of years. So, maybe Boston next? But, for now, we’re moving only an hour away!
We are excited though. We’re excited to see what God has in store for us there. Excited about meeting new people and living somewhere new and experiencing what a new city has to offer. I’ve already been googling things to do there and have come up with some pretty fun stuff!  They have a zoo which we’ll be getting an annual membership to. Oh, and by the way, I expect my Auburn friends to let me know if they come to town so we can get together! There’s also a splash pad by the riverwalk amphitheater which will be close to us since we’re planning on living in downtown. Have another loft apartment to go look at tomorrow. That’s a whole other story which I will be devoting a post to in the near future- the reasons why we want to live in downtown. But, for now, back to things to do in Montgomery. There are several fun museums and parks. I also have family there and several family friends. My three half brothers and their families live in the area. It’ll be fun for my kids to get to know their cousins better. And, I plan on visiting my auntie ceil for lunch dates. She’s not really related, but she lived next door to my grandparents for many years and she makes awesome healthy food!
We don’t have a moving date set yet, but we know it’ll be by June 1st. Nick graduates on the 14th of May and he’ll probably start work on the 17th, so we’re hoping to be moved in by then- which I’m now realizing is very soon!  It’s been a good 5 years here in Auburn- since we’ve been here we got engaged, got married, and had two babies! and we knew this day would come, but it is kind of bittersweet. We’ll miss our church family and our friends, but we won’t be far away.  We are so thankful that Nick has a job when many of the graduates from last year still don’t have jobs. God is good. The end.

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