We've moved...

...not to Montgomery, yet, but from wordpress to blogspot. We originally chose to blog with wordpress because it seemed to be more customizable. Wordpress's downfall for us, however, was that it does not support Google Friend Connect with which the rest of the blog world stays connected. I actually emailed wordpress to ask them about adding it as a widget, and they said they were thinking about it. Soon after, they added one that would allow people to subscribe through email... I guess that was their solution. Well, here we are. We can now follow and be followed and finally feel like part of the blog community. The page is a little cleaner and less chubby now anyways. I've copied and pasted the posts from wordpress... but comments were left behind (sorry to those who commented). Anyways, enjoy the "new" blog.

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  1. Yay!! I'm so glad that y'all have joined blogger & now I can be a "follower"!! :) It's so much easier to post comments & keep up with all of your posts now! wahoo! & Congratulations on all the new things going on for you all...Montgomery's a lucky city to have you!