Into the Woods

We signed Noah up for a program called “Forest Friends” at the Forest Ecology Preserve here in Auburn. The program is on Tuesdays for an hour and a half  for kids ages 2-5.  He has had a blast! We did a program back in the spring called play gym, but when we found out about the Forest Friends program we thought this would be perfect! It’s a great opportunity to get outside and learn about the wonderful Earth that God has created for us to live in. Noah has learned about beavers, snakes, turtles, earthworms, spiders, and the like. At one meeting they got to plant a tree! He’s also made several adorable little crafts to bring home including a snake sock puppet and a pot he decorated and planted an acorn in! And, at each meeting we go on a nature hike through the woods- which I think is Noah’s favorite part. They stop and talk about anything neat that they come across like caterpillars, spider webs, mushrooms, leaves, or moss. We’re a little sad because this coming week is our last meeting, but they start it back up again in the spring.  I’m sure (with little Olive in tote) we’ll be doing it again.
Nick and I are so glad that Noah enjoys the outdoors. Back in May we went on a camping/hiking adventure with our good friends the Birds, and that confirmed to us that Noah loves being outside! He did so great on our 7 mile round trip hike!

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