A Few Things

The kids and I, along with my mom, are traveling to Minnesota via airplane next Saturday to visit our family for a whole week. I couldn't be more excited! I always look forward to seeing them, especially since it's only every few years that we get to. My grandparents have a cabin on a lake. The days there are filled with lounging in the hammock, swimming, boating, water skiing, playing games, and (probably my favorite) picking fresh vegetables from grandpa's garden to have for dinner. I love going to the lake. Noah was only eleven months old the last time we were there. He will have loads of fun playing with his cousins.
Noah's birthday party is the weekend after we get back. I always love planning his birthday, and this year it's going to be down by the river at the splash pad. This party will be fun. That's what the invitation says anyways. I still have much work to do in preparation for that.
I am finally going to be caught up on my orders this week. I made it my goal to be completely caught up before I leave for my trip. I only have two orders left. It will feel so good to be caught up, and I'm sure my customers will feel the same! I haven't been taking orders for the last couple of months because of the move, and I can't wait to get going on that again. We've got some new stuff up our sleeve for when we re-open the shop. I'm excited.
We got a new car. Hallelujah. We have been in need of something bigger since baby number two arrived in January, and we finally took the plunge. We've been driving around Nick's first car, a Ford Focus (ahem, can we say tiny?) since we got married, and it was great until we started having children. So, drum roll please, we got a 1997 Honda CRV. I know, it's actually older than our other car, but you would never know. It's in great shape and has fairly low mileage on it. The best part is that I can easily get the kids in and out of it without having to bend and twist in all sorts of strange ways. It's really great. I am loving it.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Do something fun, enjoy your family, play a game, go on a walk (when it's not a hundred degrees outside), and take in the beauty of God's creation.

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  1. I'm so glad you get to spend time in Minnesota! Enjoy the cooler weather!!
    A Focus? Our Jetta is bad enough with one kid! I bet you are really glad to get the Honda!!
    That is an adorable picture of your kids!!! They are so cute!