Happy Independence Day...a day late

I have been very slow on the blog posts lately, but that's because we are still getting settled in our new place and in our new life here in Montgomery (we have now been here for a little over a month). In addition to attempting to get caught up on orders from all the way back in March (which is a little hard to do when the fabric company still hasn't sent the fabric that was ordered back in April!), we have been trying to tackle the huge feat of organizing our "studio" as Nick likes to call it. We have a bedroom on the bottom floor of our apartment that is our work space, or I should say that we are trying to make it our work space. There is still much to be done. I'm hoping that Nick feels up to getting another book shelf to put up in there today. I'll post pictures once the organizing and putting away is complete, although it never really feels complete. I will be able to function so much better once that area is in shape!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day and took some time to reflect on all that it means to us. This picture is from an Independence Day a long time ago (22 years ago to be exact!). I'm the little blondie on the right if you can't tell. The other two cute little brunettes are my lovely cousins. We always had so much fun together, and we still do!
We spent the day worshiping, eating some delicious barbecue, lounging around, going to a baseball game, and watching the fireworks. It was grand.

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