The Square House

It's official. We're moving to a little house not too far away. The feelings about the move are bittersweet. We have loved living here. It has been a fantastic experience- one that we hope to come back to as soon as possible. We're just waiting for the right building to open up! In the mean time we found a cute house to rent. It has a lot of great things about it, but one of our favorites is what will be Noah's room:
It has these awesome built in bookshelves and the walls are the original wood slats painted white. So dreamy.


  1. i LOVE it! can't wait to see it when y'all are all settled in!! :)

  2. thanks, Jamie! can't wait to have you guys over when we get settled! ~Brooke

  3. Brooke! I can't believe I'm so behind! Where is the new house?