Growing Up

This post is dedicated to my husband. We have been “together” for  7 years now! We started dating in 10th grade in high school, got engaged on November 25th of our freshman year in college, got married the summer after our freshman year (yes, we were only 19), had our sweet baby boy Noah a little over a year later, and will now have our baby girl before Nick is done with his bachelor’s degree! Praise the Lord he graduates this coming May!
We both feel so blessed by God that we were able to get married young. We have learned so much together, and I think that has really created a bond in us that is like no other. Unlike a lot of couples today we literally began our lives together. We didn’t already have careers or jobs or even college degrees. When we got married we were still wondering what we were going to be when we grow up. I mean, Nick knew he wanted to be an architect, but he’d just finished his first year of school. And now, here we are, still just babies in the eyes of many, with babies of our own, but we finally feel like we’re almost there- like we’re almost all grown up! But the thing is, we’ve done it all together, he and I-with God’s hand on us the whole way guiding us.
I thank God so much for my Nicholas. I know this might sound corny, but he’s truly my hero. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without him. I don’t want to imagine it because I’m so incredibly happy and blessed.
We’re so excited about where we’re going next- we don’t know yet, but we’re just excited to be on this journey through life together.

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