Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Noah’s favorite movie right now (which could change in the next week) is Peter Pan. So, naturally, we thought it would be cute to make him a Peter Pan costume for our church’s annual trunk-or-treat as well as the school of arch’s annual Pumpkin Carve.
peter pan
The first thing we found was an old belt from a thrift store that Nick cut down and punched a new hole in so it would fit Noah. We got some green felt material and searched Hobby Lobby for a red feather for the hat. We ended up using the tail feather from a fake bird- it was the perfect size for a tiny little Pan hat. We already had some green pajama pants, and for some last-minute shoes Nick cut up some of his dark brown dress socks to slip over Noah’s brown sandals… and a Peter Pan costume wouldn’t be complete without a sword, so Nick cut one out of cardboard for Noah to stick in his belt.
pumpkin groupPumpkin Carve was a blast… Nick carved the wartiest pumpkin he could find, and Noah had so much fun being Peter Pan that he didn’t want to take his outfit off! He ended up sleeping in it the second night, so I had to hide it from him and be careful not to mention it or I’m sure he would have wanted to wear it to church on Sunday!
pumkin carve

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